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Backstage: The guitar collection with 'That Rock Guy'

A lot of fans ask about the guitars 'That Rock Guy' uses in his live shows and in the studio. There are 16 main axes he considers his "favourites", perhaps none more well-known than his infamous H.E.L. custom build LP-style black wonder with blue LEDs mounted inside the fretboard. Made of black limba and ebony tonewoods with a carved maple top and featuring 24 stainless steel frets, this guitar was hand built by Shane Huss at Huss Electric Lutherie in Pennsylvania, USA. It's only one of the many drool-worthy guitars seen in the hands of 'That Rock Guy' live on stage and in the studio. Rumour has it that there are 2 more H.E.L. guitars being custom built as we speak, as well as a David Thomas McNaught custom Strat on the way. Until then, you can click on the picture gallery below for a rundown of the 'Glorious 16':

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