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'That Rock Guy' signs contract with 'Back To Back' for a 6 month international tour

Off he goes again! International touring band 'Back To Back' have acquired the services of guitarist/singer 'That Rock Guy', Adam Barclay, to provide axe-slinging duties on their current tour until January 2017. Having previously performed with the group when he jumped on stage with them earlier in the year at a sold out gig in Doha, Qatar, they quickly moved to sign him up for the rest of the tour. "I'm honoured to have been asked", he said. "We'll be playing 155 shows together, and to perform with a band with the musical caliber of 'Back To Back' is something very special. I'm really going to enjoy this contract!", he said.

We caught up with 'Back To Back' manager Matt Felzen who stated the deal was a no-brainer for the band. "We crossed paths during the last leg of our tour and the whispers about 'That Rock Guy' were getting louder. He came up and jammed with the band for a couple of songs and it was clear to everyone in that moment that we wanted to work with him. It was only a matter of sorting through the finer contract details, organizing the scheduling and fortunately we were able to make him an offer to bring him into the fold for the rest of the tour"

Their tour has already begun in Japan and the tour finishes with their final show in Frankfurt, Germany on 5th January 2017. Check out the tour schedule for further information.

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